5 Keys to a Successful Event

Music is Fun!!  It feels good!   It can make or break a party.  And there is such a variety with such different mood provoking qualities.  So there are a few things that you might want to consider when planning your event.

1. Unless there is a particular theme to your party (beach music, oldies, etc.) having a variety of styles of music played at your event is essential. This includes playing songs from a variety of genres, decades or time periods.

2 Take requests ahead of time so that grandma, a special friend, or another relative feel special when their song is played at your special event.  This also helps to build a variety of music.

3.  If you want people to dance at your event, you need to be one of the people out there dancing!  This is a good time to have fun with those who you want to have “special” time with.  These moments are memory builders for you and for them.

4.  If you are having planned seating, seat the older people furthest from the speakers.  They are usually less able to handle the volume and are generally more comfortable that way.  However, if you have the exception to this rule you may have an entertainer at your event!

5.  Unless you are adverse to group dancing or the songs that highlight group dances, this is a good thing to have at your event.  It builds lasting and special memories for everyone, even the people watching.  There is a sense of unity that happens.  It’s all inclusive and people like that feeling!  Although, some people may feel inadequate or feel they won’t be able to follow the steps well.  Use your judgment with your group.  For the majority of people, this adds another special dimension to your event!

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