Class reunions present wonderful opportunities for old friends to become reacquainted and new friendships to be born. They make it possible for classmates to have the opportunity to reminisce on those golden moments from their youth.

Whether it’s the very first} gathering or it’s your twenty-five year class reunion, I’ll deliver the best mix of music your generation has come to love. Keeping in mind with lots of interaction taking place, DJSheila supplies an appropriate sound level, so dancing is encouraged, yet doesn’t interfere with classmate’s conversations.

In case your classmates are far more active and would like to take part in dancing, games and contests, I’ll be glad to help facilitate the energy and excitement. If your classmates are a lot more content to sit back, listen to music and reminisce with old friends, and not dance or participate as much that’s fine too.
I am trained to read the crowd, so I can give you the show that’s ideal for your group.

Organizing a reunion isn’t an easy task.
It takes an incredible amount of time to locate all of your old classmates who’ve scattered across the globe even though Facebook, Linked In,, and Twitter have made it a lot less complicated. As soon as absolutely everyone is assembled though, the hard work pays off.

I’ve assembled the following fun recommendations to help with the organizing of your class reunion.

1. Keep costs lower so a lot more classmates will attend.
2. We’ve observed much better turnouts for those that have a much more ‘casual’ atmosphere.
3. Appetizer stations tend to work much better than a sit-down dinner since classmates have a tendency to ‘mingle’ a lot more.
4. Have a montage of pictures “on repeat” all night on a flat screen TV or a projector or screen . You’d be surprised how many ‘golden memories’ classmates have forgotten.
5. Decorate the space similar to the decorations used at the Senior Prom or Homecoming while keeping the costs down by scaling those decorations down
6. Decorate the tables with items from the past,
7.. Grouped pictures from the yearbook often work really well.
8. In case your class voted on one another during the senior year, evaluate the votes and see how everyone faired. Be sure to leave out those evaluations that might hurt feeling.
NB The goal is to have fun, without making someone feel self-conscious.
9. Make charts of the locations people have lived since school, the jobs they’ve held, or the number of kids they have. Always keeping people’s feelings uppermost in your planning.
10. Look up old teachers and find out what they’re doing.
11. Be sure to have nicely prepared name tags, with names properly spelled, and do keep in mind that not everyone has good eyesight so make names large and very readable.

When you email your classmates (or family members), suggest that they give you a few of their favorite requests.  That helps me out tremendously with planning the music.  This is the type of event which I usually get a lot of requests from the guests at the actual event.

Karaoke available for an additional $250.00 for the entire event.

Lighting available