Couple dancing


Sign saying Happy Anniversary



Anniversary parties are usually a time when many family members get together to celebrate with the couple.  This event is usually a nicer occasion and can be done formally or informally.  Either way can be lots of fun!  I get requests for the atmosphere to be low key, “we want people dancing all night,” or somewhere in between but people usually agree their goal is to assure people have a great time!

I have a standard agenda planning worksheet you can fill out if you would like a more formal feel to your special event. This event provides a great opportunity for group family photos.  Having a wide variety of music at this event is usually a good call unless there is a theme to it like oldies or Caribbean, even then there can be a few other songs thrown in to cover all music tastes.  Music choice is always up to the host but getting requests from family members ahead of time could be a good decision.

Karaoke available for an additional $250.00 for the entire event.

Lighting available