Christian Singles Love to Dance

This year’s Christian Singles Valentine’s Dance at the Villa Capri in Wallingford, was delayed twice and finally rescheduled for the spring.  What a great time!  I learned years ago, after playing for these dances for a few years, that dancing is what the Christian singles really like to do!  I love this group! They started out with hors d’oeuvres, and Sandy sang a beautiful rendition of the “The wonder of it all”.  After dinner, there was a very talented gentleman there who sang Frank Sinatra’s, “Fly me to the moon”.  He did a great job!  By that time, people were really ready to get started dancing.

We did several line dances, although no one knew how to lead the crowd in the “Cotton Eyed Joe” so I did that without a leg change!  Well, I tried a leg change but should have done it sooner to prepare people so we switched back to the same leg!  It gets real tiring for that one leg that does all the work!  Next time I’ll introduce both legs from the start.   I like the crowd to entertain themselves, to kind of draw attention to one person so they can be remembered, praised, or joked with during and after the party so before getting out there to teach them steps to a dance I always ask if anyone knows the dance steps.  The stroll, a line dance from 1958, was a new one for this group and they caught on fast!  I have played this one many times in the past, for different groups and I had been surprised at how they get mixed up easily but this crowd caught right on!

It was fun to play music from all the different generations and have people dance regardless.  That’s when you know you have a good crowd!  They danced for about 2.5 hours straight before the last half hour of praise and worship music.  Not every Christian dance requests this in their itinerary but it is the perfect ending to a fun night of dancing, especially for Christian singles.  It helps get them refocused on who can really satisfy their need to feel loved.  It was a feel good devotional time with our Lord.  Very sweet time and everyone seem to get into that trance where you’re feeling really loved by the creator of the universe.


  1. Sandy A. - CCSN says:

    Hi, Sheila-
    On behalf of CCSN, thank you for the entertainment and for the lovely recap of the evening!
    When I hear that people are looking now for a Christian DJ, you are the one to whom I refer them! You do an incredible job and have been such a wonderful blessing to CCSN and our attendees. Thank you again!
    We are looking forward to next year’s event and we’ll see you there!

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