About Sheila

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Picture of Sheila              Mission:

My objective is for you and your guests to have a good time, creating treasured memories that will last a lifetime!

I bring over 20 years of radio and mobile DJ experience, tons of music, a serious sound system, and a genuinely fun and uplifting attitude to all the events of which I am privileged to be a part of.  Clients have thanked me for spending as much time as needed working with them to prepare for their event so that it can be one of the best days ever. 

I will work tirelessly for you, customizing a presentation that reflects your personality and specific needs.


It’s my job to find out what the flavor of your event will be when we talk during the planning phase.  For the most part, an event is personalized, however, I censor the music that I play at all events so that it does not contain overtly sexual, violent, or graphic content.  I have found that music lays the foundation for mood and I desire for people to feel joyful and music can influence and help facilitate that.  As a general rule, I try to play music that “feels” good when I add music around the list of requests.  I have learned to work with a variety of preferences.  Some clients know exactly what they want and some want suggestions and guidance.  I like to get as much worked out in the planning phase as is possible so you can enjoy the event without  concerning yourself with unnecessarily things during the day of the event.  After the planning phase, the focus shifts to having THE BEST TIME EVER!  Music and people together are creative and fun, and part of being a mobile DJ is “reading” a crowd and being ready for moments of spontaneity!   Some of the most special moments come about at times like these and cannot be planned!



I know music well and how to get a crowd moving.   I like to keep the dance floor hopping, whether it be fast or slow music. I also believe a variety of music is key for most parties to ensure everyone hears something they like from their favorite genre.   I use an appropriate amount of interaction depending on the event and crowd.   Some people prefer more, some prefer less, and I adjust.   I am comfortable on the mic but I am not a performer.  I will not put on a show for your guests, however, I may joke around on the mic when it is appropriate.  Spontaneity is a large part of my job.  I am tasteful in my presentation of myself, my sound system, and the music.  Out of consideration for everyone, as I have previously stated, I try not to play music with objectionable lyrics.  I am one of the few disc jockeys I know who screens their music for objectionable content and lyrics.


Picture of me

Sound System:

I have a digital Bose sound system with two towers.  This system puts out a very high quality sound and fills a room more fully and  more clearly than any system I have ever used.   It is small in size and has an awesome sound!  People who sit near the front of the speakers don’t complain about the volume (the opposite was true before going to this very optimal system).  And, it is very attractive, as I get compliments on it almost everywhere I go.  I also use high quality wireless Sennheiser microphones.


Here are my promises to you when you hire DJ Sheila:

* A Focus on your needs
* A huge variety music (39,000 songs and growing)
* Knowledge of many genres of music
* Most music styles provided and tastefully played

Classy, Tasteful, Fun, Real!

* An active dance floor
* Appropriate, spontaneous interaction and entertainment
* A tasteful and entertaining presentation that won’t embarrass you or your guests
* Censored for objectionable content and lyrics
Quality and attractive equipment chosen for it’s superior sound and presentation